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A little bit of aeronautical english
ATC: “ Al Italia 345 continue taxi to 26L South via Tango - check for workers along taxiway.”
Al Italia 345: “Roger, Taxi 26 Left a via Tango. Workers checked - all are working”


ATC: “Cessna 123, What are your intentions? “
Cessna: “To get my Commercial Pilots License and Instrument Rating.”
ATC: “I meant in the next five minutes not years.”

ATC: Pan Am 1, descend to 3,000 ft on QNH, altimeter 1019.
Pan AM 1: Could you give that to me in inches?
ATC: Pan Am 1, descend to 36,000 inches on QNH, altimeter 1019

Cessna 152: “Flight Level Three Thousand, Seven Hundred”
Controller: “Roger, contact Houston Space Center “

Beech Baron: Uh, ATC, verify you want me to taxi in front of the 747.
ATC: Yeah, it's OK. He's not hungry.

Tower: “American...and for your information, you were slightly to the left of the centerline on that approach.”
American: “That's correct; and, my First Officer was slightly to the right”

Controller: “USA353 contact Cleveland Center 135.60.”(pause)
Controller: “USA353 contact Cleveland Center 135.60!” (pause)
Controller: “USA353 you're just like my wife you never listen!”
Pilot: “Center, this is USA553, maybe if you called her by the right name you'd get a better response!”

Controller: “LA700 confirm your type of aircraft. Are you a Boeing 767 or Airbus 340?”
Pilot: “A340 of course!”
Controller: “Then would you mind switching on the two other engines and give me 1000 feet per minute, please?”

Tower: “Cessna 123, turn right now and report your heading.”
Pilot: “Wilco. 341, 342, 343, 344, 345...”

Pilot: “Good morning, Frankfurt ground, KLM 242 request start up and push back, please.”
Tower: “KLM 242 expect start up in two hours.”
Pilot: “Please confirm: two hours delay?”
Tower: “Affirmative.”
Pilot: “In that case, cancel the good morning

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